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Honda CB650R vs Yamaha MT07 | Which should you buy?

By bornagainbiker, 06/22/2019

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I guess it's all about riding style, not that I have anything against the honda, but the FZ is the obvious choice for me because it better fits my riding style--slow and easy most of the time, with occasional spurts of spirited riding.

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On 6/28/2019 at 10:46 PM, Terry_b said:

How do you guys deal with that? I'm just curious, as the cultural differences are very interesting to me. 

I hate it to be honest. The government here has way too much control. They call Australia the "nanny state" because it's like you always have someone looking over your shoulder to make sure you're doing the right thing, and ready to fine you if you don't.

The learner licensing system here is terrible for the rest of us who aren't learning. A while back, if you were on your learners you could ride up to 250cc for a year, then could move up to whatever you wanted. This was a great system as it encouraged you to take the second test. It also meant that bike above 250cc were the same as the rest of the world and full powered.

Then they changed it so that learners could ride bikes up to 660cc with a power/weight less than 150kw/tonne. This is what lead to the massive learner bike market over here, and manufacturers started either restricting full powered bikes down to the learner limit, or bringing in exclusively learner only models. Because you could get quite powerful bikes now as a learner, there was far less motivation to upgrade to your full license and so the learner bike market is now what dominates the sales.

Yamaha Australia sells the restricted learner version of the MT07 at a ratio of 10:1 compared to the full power version. It's one of the most popular learner bikes we have. It has almost the same torque, but is sleeved down to 660cc and has a throttle stop so you can only open the throttle 50%. The intake stacks are also constricted. Cut the throttle stop and you have a stupidly powerful bike for someone who might have literally just got their license. The XSR700 comes to us restricted only, because they know they probably wouldn't sell many full powered ones.

Honda originally brought in the CBR650 in both full power and restricted form. Now they only sell the restricted ones, which is why we have the restricted CB650R only, as they know that they will sell far more restricted ones than derestricted.

Basically, the learner bikes here are so good that a lot of people never bother upgrading to their full license, and so the people on their full licenses get shafted because all of the awesome middleweight bikes get restricted, meaning you have to step up to high capacity bikes to get something running its full potential. Which is also pointless, because our speed limits are stupidly slow, police are everywhere, speed cameras are everywhere, and you can't have any fun.

Anyway, that's my rant. And Honda can get f**ked for not giving me a full powered CB650R. Yamaha get my money because they at least provide a non-restricted MT07.

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