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Honda CB650R vs Yamaha MT07 | Which should you buy?

By bornagainbiker, 06/22/2019

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More power isn't everything to everyone. As good as this Honda may be the one thing that I wouldn't like about riding it every day is the fact you're going to have to listen to that engine in higher rpm's all the time if you want to feel the same power/punch the MT offers at lower rpm's and you'll be pressed to be riding faster than the MT all the time also to make it feel like it's not a turd, which I wouldn't like. I think more people are moving toward peppier, lighter, more fun and nimble bikes and this CB isn't that. This bike may have a little more high tech gadgetry or perform better in some ways but if a bike is too heavy (it's over 40 lbs. heavier than the MT) it's not going to feel light and fun and it'll be a boring bike which will likely be sold because it's that way. Granted, it would be nice when I did feel like riding it fast but that wouldn't be often enough to make me happy enough with it. Throw the MT's engine in it and shave some weight off the bike AND it's sticker and maybe then I would call it the winner. 

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What this guy ^ said is spot on. 😎

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Let me guess...He owned an MT07 for 2 years and now he went and bought a Honda CB650R. Wow this is a real tough one. I'm going to go out on a limb and say he prefers the Honda. 😎

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In Australia the CB650R is restricted to 48hp and we don't get a full power version. WHY THE HELL WOULD I BUY ONE???

In saying that, if we had the full power version then I'd definitely consider it. This bike is stunning. And while I don't see the engine besting that of the MT, because I much prefer a punchy twin to any 4cyl, everything on this bike appears to be (from reviewers perspectives) of much higher quality than the MT07.

Now, the MT07 is to date, out of all of the bikes I've owned (30+) my favourite. But it doesn't take a genius to tell you that the MT07 is a cheap bike. It's very light, has massive torque and an awesome sound, but everything else about the bike is BUDGET.

I saw one of these Hondas in person earlier in the week and it is absolutey a work of art. It's heavier and has less low end torque, but I think you'd be hard pressed to find any other areas that it falls short of the MT07.

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Australia is so odd to me. I've had quite a few gaming/military friends from Australia and I guess as an American it's hard for me to consider how much control the government has over everything. The attitude just feels so limiting.


How do you guys deal with that? I'm just curious, as the cultural differences are very interesting to me. 


Regarding the CB vs. the FZ/MT, I was in that boat before I bought mine. The dealership had one of each and I was kinda liking the Honda. That being said, it's a 4 cyl, and I kinda wanted to get away from that since I had a 08 FZ1 at the time. They're buzzy and harder to have fun with at lower speeds/RPMs, and you can feel the weight/balance difference just sitting on them. Definitely no regrets going for the MT!

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