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  1. shinyribs

    In: Fairly fast riding - nearly highsided - Orange Road in Japan

    By shinyribs, 05/09/2019

    Hahahaha! Your reaction to that rear slip :D  You gotta laugh those things off. I'll admit I'm pretty reckless on a bike, but damn, I felt nervous watching to ride while talking that whole time. "Is he even concentrating ?!" lol

    Just a thought on weaving back and forth to heat the tires. That actually doesn't create much friction for introducing heat. Several hard accelerations will warm the rear up nicely, and several hard brakings for the front. You probably know this anyway. 

    Keep having fun, man. Fun videos for sure! I notice you exhaust is much quieter now ;) 

  2. Beemer

    In: Flying⚡️Doctor ~R.I.P.~ Dr.✜John☘️Hinds✔️ ✅ . The_Fastest Road Racing Doctor,

    By Beemer, 05/06/2019

    If I ever get hurt bad in an accident I hope one of those guys will show up because they're good.

  3. Beemer

    In: Sunday Afternoon Fix

    By Beemer, 04/13/2019

    Yes, he was hauling ass there! I just hope everyone sees him. I wouldn't trust people like that. I did once and got hit from behind by a drunk doing 55mph. A drunk might see two flags and misjudge. 😉

  4. tavisb

    In: Sunday Afternoon Fix

    By tavisb, 04/13/2019

    That guy is a beast. I see him all over the place. He's fast.

  5. Beemer

    In: Sunday Afternoon Fix

    By Beemer, 04/13/2019

    Makes sense on the music. It's just that I see a lot of videos where people throw in music just because they want to. Man! I just noticed that dude @ 0:40 on the recumbent just asking to get creamed from behind on a tight road like that. (flag or no)

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