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Where and who are the Aussie owners?

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Awesome. You know I might actually be ending up in your boat sooner than I think. My "other" bike is a 1996 CB750 which is what I use when I want to take the wife for a spin. Problem is, it's boring as hell to ride so I don't even ride it unless it's with her, which is once every two months.

I listed it for sale yesterday and have someone coming to look at it today who says she's VERY KEEN. We'll see how that goes, but I think I might replace it with a 500X. I'm sure it won't be as comfy, cause man the CB750 is comfy and is the SMOOTHEST BIKE I'VE EVER RIDDEN. But I reckon the 500X will easily be more fun, and with some dual sport tyres I can spin it on the fire trails every now and then too.

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