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Cycle World MT-07 as good as everyone says it is

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The Honda CB650F is 51 pounds heavier and despite what Honda says about how it was geared to make the bike quicker from a stop, this is what Cycle World had to say about it.

"Despite the redesigned intake and exhaust, however, the engine still suffers a bit from “inline-four syndrome” and is somewhat sluggish off the line before hitting its 8,000 to 12,000 rpm sweet spot."


They never said that about our FZ/MT-07 because it screams all the way up to and beyond 8k rpm.


It's funny, for some time now I've been hearing talk about how Honda needs to step up their game and come out with some exciting bikes to be competitive and they finally did by making a bike that looks like an MT-07, ha! I'm sure the people at Yamaha appreciate the compliment and good laugh.

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On 3/11/2018 at 1:25 PM, firstyammerha said:

Don't bring up the N700 please. 

Massive disappointment! But the frunk is awesome. An FZ07 with a frunk and belt drive would THE perfect motorcycle.

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I liked the 2014 CB500F the short time that I kept it. A more up to date version comparable to the current  FZ07/SV650/Z650 would bring out that closet Honda guy inside me. As shinyribs says, a belt final drive would be great. And the frunk would eliminate the need for luggage racks and tank bags. Gotta watch that weight though Big H! 

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