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When I was 12 I was wrenching on my BMX in the driveway.  Usually after wrecking it and breaking/bending parts after doing something stupid and/or cool (depending on whether you're talking to my parents or my friends).

Cool story, cool kid.

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9 hours ago, r1limited said:

Great for the kid, not really impressed with the bike, I dontlike copycat looks


What isn't copycat these days, when just about everything has been done already ❓ I have never seen anything quite like it, and it doesn't look like the tracker version I've seen based on the MT07, for instance. To me, the kid's work looks a bit like an TZ750 gone dirt track. I like it, and would like it regardless of the builder. That is was designed and partially made by a 12 yo is just mind-blowing. To me. Some will, obviously, disagree.

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