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FS: axle/frame sliders, levers, tail light, rad guard

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All parts are from my 2016 FZ07 and purchased new by me. They all have roughly 6,000 miles, if that's important for you to know. If you'd like to see what any of the parts looked like installed, please let me know. Bike is silver/plurple.


Prices listed include USPS Priority Mail shipping in the USA. Please PM me if you are outside of that area. 


My PayPal email is cmill189@gmail.com

My eBay user ID is cmill1154 if you'd like to look at my feedback.



Puig front and rear axle sliders: Essentially new condition. No marking or defects. These fit really well and blend in with the OEM aesthetics. $45 each or $80 for both.




Vagabond Motorsports frame sliders: Very good condition, only one very small imperfection, not sure what it's from. These are extremely well made and fit absolutely perfect. Does not require changing your engine mounting bolt like most other brands. I liked how they disappeared aesthetically into the bike. $75




Shorty levers: All black including the adjusters. One small imperfection on the end of the clutch side. The anodizing is starting to discolor on the brake side. $20




Dieci83 aluminum radiator guard; I removed the sticker because it stuck out and looked stupid. Great condition. It fit well once I elongated the holes. The foam provided was also much too thick but I left a thin layer so it wouldn't vibrate. $50 




TST Industries LED tail light with turn signals; smoked. Nearly new condition. Exceptional build quality and fit. Reuses the OEM grommets and hardware. WAAAY brighter than stock with various flashing options. Will come with the resistors they sent if you don't have a LED flasher. The photo below shows how bright the tail light is in daylight. The brake light is even brighter. $80








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