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 We lost a lot of traffic last year before we switched the forum over to this new mobile freindly software. People started posting on Facebook groups instead because the old forum software was not "mobile friendly", and 60% of our visitors are now on mobile devices. 


Since the switch, people can join and login via Facebook, people can upload pics via their phone and can now navigate the forum easily via phone. 


Please help me spread the word. Share it on social media, share it on other forums, share it with other bike owners. 


We are the most phone capable forum there is. We have the most MT-07 tech tips on the planet and if we can get traffic back, I can get us more forum only discounts from Vendors. 



I have alot more features that I would like to add to the forum, I'd like to launch our own phone app, the ability to have your own personal blogs right here on this website, tons of features that I would be happy to spend money on, but i need more traffic to make it worthwhile. 


Please, let the online world know that we are here! The more you share, the more you get back.


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