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Scorpion Serket Taper Stainless Steel Full System Exhaust

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In very good, lighty-used condition.

This was purchased in June of this year and sent to my UK address direct from Scorpion at the end of that month.

It was then shipped (literally) on to me elsewhere in Europe in July, finally arriving with me in early August.
I fitted to my new 2017 Yamaha XSR700 later that month.

As such, this exhaust has seen only around 250miles of use, and all during the inititial break-in period of the bike, so never above 6000RPM / with WOT / speeds over 50MPH.

Condition is therefore as you'd probably expect for something that's been fitted for this gentle use on a Mediterranean island that sees very little rain (in fact, the exhaust has never been used in wet weather).

As such, cosmetically the muffler/silencer is excellent, while the connecting pipes display the usual colour change from standard use and a little spotting from road debris/metal imperfections etc.
(Absolutely no dents, dings or obvious scratches to the pipework though - basically what new pipes would like like within a week of use.)


Note also that I have not heavily cleaned up or polished the metal to hide use.

This is how it came off the machine, apart from a light coating of ACF-50 wiped on since.

(Also note that due to this there will likely be some smoke coming from the exterior of the exhaust the first time you fire it up as the ACF-50 reacts to the heat - don't confuse this for exhaust gas).


The only reason I'm selling is I rather caught the customisation bug and decided to 'black out' my machine, including a Black Ceramic coated exhaust.

However, having now fitted a different exhaust, I still believe that the Scorpion is superior in many ways to most of the other popular (especially Italian) options out there:

It has the great advantage of coming with TWO user removable baffles/db killers.
This really lets you set the noise level you're comfortable with and also allows you change the sound profile in under a minute.

The sound (especially with the end baffle out) is notably beefier/bassier/more substantial than i.e. my current SC Project Conic.

This was rather confirmed when I drove past a mechanic friend's garage after fitting the SC Project.

As he was tinkering with a scooter outside, I stopped to let him see the latest mods and new exhaust (he had previously checked out the Scorpion I had fitted.)
First thing he said after I pulled up: "Have you changed the exhaust? The old one sounded better".

The exhaust is complete with all of the original packaging, instructions and retail box with the remainder of the 2 year warranty.

(Another benefit of the Scorpion is that their motorcycle exhausts never need to be repacked and if ever crashed, Scorpion offer replacements at heavy discounts).


Photographs to follow during the week but in the meantime, here's one I took of it before removal, on my 85% completed XSR700.



Price is firm, at USD $550 shipped.

(Ships Worldwide, from EU. Extensive references available if required)






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