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Discounted Prices on Bitubo Suspension?

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So I've heard that a forum member on here gives discounts if someone wants to purchase Bitubo products. I REALLY want to upgrade my suspension, but since I'm riding almost entirely on the street, I don't want to spend a ton of money on top of the line products. I'm looking for the "best bang for your buck" type of upgrades, and have heard great things about Bitubo from this forum.


For those of you that have Bitubo, which shock/cartidge did you go with? How do you like it, and how much did you spend for it?


Also, is there anything else within that price range, or even a little bit more/less, that offers similar performance? I'm only planning on doing a track day or two per year, with aggressive street riding on top of commuting. I'm open to any suggestions.


Thanks for all the help, everyone.

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A lot depends on the price you can get the parts for (it differs around the world), the features you need (e.g. shock with adjustable height, separate compression damping etc) and local parts and support. Bitubo, K-tech, Nitron and Ohlins all make good shocks, it really comes down to the above factors - all of their base models (e.g. cheapest) will suit your needs in my opinion, not always so with other brands.


Thread here with product details:


Consider Cogent's DDC valves (USD$179) for the front instead of cartridges, great value and a massive improvement:



Thread on them here:



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PM Sent about Bitubo :)


- Paul

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