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Akra Ti Flash, I give it an 11 out of 10

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I bought the reflash off the website during a 10% off sale since it is the same price we get with the forum discount (easier checkout without having to email someone, yea im lazy).


To be fair, i had close to 11k on the spark plugs and 21k on the air filter on the stock ecu (9k cross country trip in under 30 days).

I did a k&n air filter, snorkel removal, fresh spark plugs, and the reflash at the same time.  Feels muuuch smoother and im sure it picked up a few hp and tq, but what was most noticeable to me on the first ride was the sound.  Running an Akra Ti with baffle in, nothing drilled.  It def got louder, but not too loud.  Power delivery seems to be smoother and more consistent, but that sound lol...


Off throttle:

Even tough the front end would dive off throttle sometimes in the lower gears (matris forks with matts magic worked in), i still used the engine braking.  Its dangerous and people behind dont know youre braking, but i did it anyway and it was a bad habit.  It is now a noticeable improvement in terms of feeling like a normal bike.   It didnt bother me much personally, but it is nicer now.


On throttle:

This is what i care about.  What I was hoping for was a buttery smooth throttle cracking open, but u can still feel a slight jerk.  Much, much, much better than before though.  I guess this is just how it is riding a twin, and ill actually have to practice my roll on instead of fixing it with money.

Slightly off topic here:

Are u supposed to clutch in a little or something when u start your roll on?  Sounds easy if u do all your braking in the straight part, but if youre trail braking at all theres a lot going on to also feather a clutch



much smoother, a little faster, but wont magically fix a badly trained wrist rolling on the throttle mid lean

goes to 11 though


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