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Welcome Pulski

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Hello Pulski


Welcome to the worlds largest FZ07 forum! Please reply below and say hello! You can also take a moment and upload a profile pic here View Member


You can also post pics easily from phone or pc, watch the video.


We hope that you like our forum!



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Hey all, just picked up a 2016 Leftover with 4 miles on it a few days ago and loving it so far. I've been riding on and off for a little over 15 years.  Looking forward to checking out the site and learning about what can be done. Outside of bikes I'm into Subarus and drive Uber/Lyft on the weekends.


Bike History, 

1996 Yamaha FZR600 - First bike, lasted me a good while but was physically way to small for me. 


2001 Honda CBR929 Erion - Way more bike than I needed but had a few good years together.

(Need to relink image from not-Photobucket)


2001 Suzuki Bandit 1200 - I was shopping Bandit 600s / SV650s and came across a deal on one with a bunch of rash, but ran well and drove straight. $1500 in, then tires, chain, a few other things, rode it for 3-4 years without much else. I still have it, but needs some major TLC.



2016 FZ07, the obvious one. 4 miles on the clock picking it up, 160 right now. Exhaust, windscreen and PC5 on order.


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