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An honest fz07 Shrike bag mount review

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Nice video, the Shrike bags/mounts are a very nice and easy way to add some carry space, combined with a tail bag you can carry enough for short trips and when not needed, just pop them off...takes about a minute. I see that Shrike has continued to improve on the set up...I like that and also found them to be real nice people to deal with and also open to suggestions and feedback, real enthusiasts. 


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Greetings Folks!


I just picked up an MT yesterday and have been looking at bags and  options for a few weeks now.


I just wanted to say, this bag system looks really nice and after looking it over and watching a few videos , it was enough to actually get me to join the forum rather than just lurk for info.


I'll be ordering some in the next few weeks.

Kudos for a great design idea and the apparent effort put into getting this to market.







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Hi, @BlueMule.  Congrats on the new bike!  Glad to hear you’ve joined the forum.  FZ07.org has been great for us as a small business (gotta send major thanks to @Cruizin for the support all throughout!). Since our system is unique, most folks have some questions about it.  The forum’s two-way dialog has allowed us to offer personal customer service in the sales process while also helping us learn more about rider needs.  We look forward to hearing from you when you’re ready to add a Shrike Mounts luggage system to your new MT!

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