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Hello Everyone!


I'm proud to Introduce a new brand for us at BellissiMoto...FIVE ADVANCED GLOVES.


Five Gloves, a French company, have been around for a long time overseas.  They are in 47 countries across five continents, and have based their development on a simple principle: you can’t design a pair of gloves like you design an item of clothing.  They focus on 3 key areas...PROTECTION / FITTING / DESIGN.


These design principals are readily apparent in their RFX RACE glove, and feature the highest level of safety available in a glove, period.
Part of the reason for that safety is the triple protective shell made of Thermoset Carbon Composite. This is the same material found in aerospace and Formula 1, and provides exceptional abrasion resistance. Protection is maximized by the use of SuperFabric, full grain leather, third and fourth finger bridge, Kevlar safety stitching, and multiple reinforcements with traditional carbon and a Kevlar lining. Air flow is exceptional with huge knuckle vents and exhaust vents at the back of the wrist. This is the glove designed and used by official FIVE riders in MotoGP, SBK and Endurance World Championships.


Gloves are one of those items you have to get right. They are a key interface between you and your motorcycle. I had a chance to test them at the track and they were phenomenal. The RFX RACE gloves felt like a second skin, except with superior protective qualities and extremely good venting. I wore them all day in triple digit heat, and not once did I get uncomfortable.


Don't take my word for it...watch Charile from Five Gloves explain all the features of these outstanding gloves in the video below.


When these gloves first hit the US, they retailed for $699.95.  That's a tough sell considering the top of the line race gloves from their competitors hover around the $429 mark.  We realized this and bough out the entire stock in the US to be able to pass the savings to you!!!


We have 34 pairs left in various sizes and colors, and once they are gone, the price goes back up.  


The price?  Just $350, and free shipping within the US.  That's right, HALF PRICE for the best gloves on the planet.

 To get in on this deal, you can call the shop at 702 901-4028, or PM me here.


Below is our current inventory list:



M - quantity 1

L - quantity 2

XXL - quantity 2




M - quantity 1

L - quantity 4

XL - quantity 3

XXL - quantity 8




M - quantity 2

L - quantity 5

XL - quantity 1

XXL - quantity 4




L - quantity 1



- Paul







five gloves.jpg


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Has everyone noticed this half price deal on the very best gloves made? Designed and worn by Moto GP riders, these gloves will save your hands if you go down in a crash. Worth every penny! 

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