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Ducati 06 S2R800 thinking......

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I found a 2006 Duc SR2800 original original owner pretty much looped it as far as I can see.  The trellis butt is tweaked for sure, but the rest is really cosmetics.  I am thinking of picking this up however there are some cons to the deal
[ol type=decimal][*]Title(s) are clean the seller says, meaning of titles is 1 bike 2 motors.  Monsters had an issue with some breakage on the rear mounts. CON is the title has passed from Orignal owner to current and not been registered... Haaa Rumph
[*]Trellis may take some work but the Duc Trellis can be easily repaired
[*]Cost. initial cost if I can get it down a few hundred from the seller, would make it worth my while as a project flip[*]OD shows 13k current owner says current motor has 5k (Ya uh huh)[*]Cost of parts I expect to shell out an additional 7 - 1k to get the Duc road worthy and sellable
The bike looks good it is not a salvage as the owner claims original owner did not have insurance so nope not salvage me thinks.  Anyway, thinking about it, I figure if it is there this weekend when I take a lok at it it is meant to be.  Need a winter project and this may be it....

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