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Hello! New member in SoCal area. I live in South Orange County and make frequent trips to LA and SD.
Proud owner of my first bike, a Black 2016 FZ-07, which I've owned since October '15. I'm a new rider with just about two years under my belt. I took the MSF course and was deciding on buying a 300cc sportbike. However, after experiencing the lack of power, I decided to go with a slightly more capable motor without going straight to the supersport category. What a great choice! Since then I've tried out everything from a 300cc lightweight, to a 1200cc cruiser, and back to a 750cc supersport. Besides the speed rush from the supersport the FZ-07 is still my favorite overall ride.
I'm a daily rider. I've put over 22,000 miles on it since then, with lots of commuting around SoCal and a solo trip to Sonoma last Thanksgiving. You'll typically catch me on PCH on my way to and from work or the gym.
Only modification so far is my drivetrain: Vortex sprocket set and X-Ring chain. A replacement was needed after I ran over some debris on the freeway, which shot up into my stock drivetrain, stretched out a section of my chain, and bent my rear sprocket enough to cause friction. Though, I'm happy with the change as the bike has even more torque than before.
I joined the forums because I had started lurking for more advice on modifications. I'm planning on replacing the handlebars, mirrors, brake and shift levers for a more aggressive riding position and look.
I would imagine most guests lurking this forum are interested in reviews from owners: So, is the FZ-07 the right choice for you? Well, I can attest to the performance, quality, and reliability of the bike. I've put over 20k hard ridden miles on it, and with proper maintenance and only one rider caused repair/replacement, it has remained issue free and continues to perform and turn heads. I believe it's a great first bike for a capable new rider with some initial training, like those who've taken the MSF course. The riding position, weight, and maneuverability contribute to a more forgiving ride in traffic, all while having the right amount power to keep you excited beyond that first six months of ownership. Though, don't expect to keep up with your friends on their supersports, as it won't take off on you much beyond 100MPH.
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