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Upgraded to the FZ-07

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Purchased a used 2015 FZ-07 at the very beginning of July. This is my second bike, I started on a 2014 Honda CB500F. It was a great first bike to learn on, but after a year or so, I needed more power. In the month I've owned the FZ-07, I've put a couple of new parts:
Bar end sliders
Blue clutch and brake levers to match the frame and wheels
Rear and front axle sliders
Frame sliders
LED front and rear turn signals
Fender Eliminator (first thing I did, had to get rid of the stock tail)
I'm in the Los Angeles area,  I will be going back to college in a couple weeks in Utah. This bike has been an excellent upgrade for me. A lot more power and torque, and 20 pounds lighter. If anybody is interesting in downgrading to a 500cc, I am selling the CB500F :P
Here are some pictures of the FZp><p> <a href=https://preview.ibb.co/eY1TZv/20170804_161143.jpg' alt='20170804_161143.jpg'>
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