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Rear Rack / Mosko Moto

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So I recently purchased a Corbin gunfighter saddle, which integrates the two seats into one. Looks like this- http://corbin.com/yamaha/yfz714g.shtml
I later purchased Mosko Moto Reckless 80L luggage, looks like this- https://moskomoto.com/products/reckless-80l
They advertise the luggage as not needing racks, however (starting at 5:55 of this video) you can see the luggage needs to strap on to something, anything, on the back of the bike-

The FZ07 doesn't have any bars back there so I figure I need to install a rear/top rack.
I can't seem to find any top racks that will 1) work with my Corbin seat and 2) doesn't require me to drill into the plastic fairings on my bike.
Any ideas? Feel free to state anything obvious, I'm new to motorcycles.

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I've logged over 500,000 touring miles on numerous bikes using countless types/styles/brands of bags/tents/bed rolls/sacks/whatever the hell. I've found there is ALWAYS a way to fasten ANY bags to ANY bike. You may just have to putz with it a little and be clever or inventive. How bout crossing the rear side straps under the bike's tail and leaving the rear center strap rolled and tucked?  Of course some bags fit some bikes better than others.
Looks like a versatile/cool system.
Dive in!
Check out this clever guy;

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