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How to: Installing R6 Throttle Tube

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Guest unknown
Difficulty: Easy
Time:~15 minutes

Tools  and Parts Required:
8 mm Hex driver
4 mm Hex driver
R6 Throttle Tube available here on amazon (Motion Pro Throttle Tube #01-0094)
Long flathead screwdriver
3/8 ratchet
2 8mm wrenches or small crescent wrenches
1) Remove the throttle side bar end with the 8mm hex driver.
2)Slide the throttle tube protective boot back.
3) Remove the 2 hex bolts on the throttle tube housing using the 4mm hex driver.
4)The housing should now split into two pieces. Set them aside and remove the throttle cables from the cam of the throttle tube. Start with the short one and then rotate the tube around to remove the longer one.
5) Take your screwdriver and insert it about an inch deep in between the grip and the old tube. Take extra care to not rip the grip. Spray some WD-40 in gap created and slowly slide the screwdriver around the grip. Repeat this process until the screw driver is all the way through the grip and there is plenty of WD-40 between the grip and tube. It should now slide right off the old tube.0CCD0258-8879-4610-98C8-1C0527D8F34B_zps5flllpsk.jpg
6) Clean the grip with soap and water to remove the WD-40 residue. Set it aside to dry. Take the long screwdriver or ratchet and knock off the end cap of the Motion Pro tube by inserting it through the throttle tube and applying force.
7) Insert the Motion Pro throttle tube onto the handlebar and attach the longer throttle cable first and then shorter one.
8) Reinstall the lower housing and make sure the notch on the bottom housing is lined up in the hole in the handlebars.
9) Install the upper housing and squeeze them together. If the throttle tube doesn't spin and return freely, then an adjustment will need to be made to the shorter cable. Use the 2 wrenches and add slack to the cable. The two pieces where the boots slides over the housing boot should line up when the slack is correct.
10) Reinstall the two 4mm hex bolts and then the bar end.
This is a shot of the throttle tube closed
This is the throttle wide open. I'd estimate about 80 degrees of movement from closed to open.
Thanks to @quixote for helping me with the throttle tube sticking issue I was having.

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Guest unknown
Yep, I find that pinning the throttle wide open takes a lot of movement. This just shortens that distance so I don't have to put my elbow under the handlebars to hit WOT.

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Guest unknown
Not at the moment but I can put one together. I didn't take pics of my lever installation though. It's quite simple however, and I can do a non pictoral version if you would like :)

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Did the quick turn mod and WOW! Remember to rotate the throttle housing as far forward as you can without interfering with the front brake lever (doesn't hurt to rotate the brake lever down as well while you're at it) for full effect. Oops my O2 sensor came unplugged too...????

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Okay, I need some guidance. This did not work for me.
I bought the correct Motion Pro 01-0094 tube, but when installed it kept rubbing the inside of the housing and sticking like it was too thick for the housing.
I went back and forth 2 or 3 times between the OEM tube and MP tube and every time the OEM was fine (so I know I'm installing it right) and the MP tube rubbed the housing and stuck.
I checked off all the boxes to look for
1) nub in handlebar hole
2) cable routed correctly
3) cable adjusted properly
4) etc, etc, etc....
I thought I would be smart and take off a little plastic on the MP tube so it wouldn't rub the housing, but you guys know what happened then right?....
Yep, same range of motion as the OEM tube (the whole point of it being larger diameter)
So.........what did I do wrong? Why did this not work?

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