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Pazzo - Vagabond - OES - OGIO Mods

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So I just celebrated my birthday last month and got parts as presents!
Thought to let everyone know the cost, install, and such in case anyone is interested in other options for their own bikes.
If you'd like to see the photos, hopefully you can see them in the same post I made on the other FZ07 site: HERE
Sorry, don't like having my photos on "middle man" sites in order to post them. Hopefully we'll be able to just post them directly here?  :)
Pazzo Adjustable Levers in White with Red Adjuster
COST: $160 (I decided I wanted the white levers, so it costed $10 extra.)
Purchased them with the help of the list of other bike models that work for this bike, since the FZ07 isn't listed.
Used Solomotoparts.com, since they were the cheapest I could find. Arrived within 4 business days.
INSTALLATION: 15 minutes
Would've been faster, but wasn't pushing the brake lever in deep enough to get the holes to align properly. So don't be afraid to add some pressure!
Vagabond Frame Sliders
COST: $90

Purchased them from Vagabondmotosports.com
They're here in SoCal, so I figured it'd be quick and fast shipping. And I was right! Came in two days. Made out of delrin, with no crazy logo designs to distract you. Makes for a clean look to the bike, and installation is super easy.
INSTALLATION: 10 minutes
They provide the L wrench for the screw you'll use to attach the slider in with the existing hole in the frame. Used a mallet and a rag (as to not damage the slider) to help flush the slider up.
OES Spool Sliders
COST: $35

Purchased through OESaccessories.com
It was the only place that didn't offer them with a set, since these were the only things I wanted. Like how they offer a dual purpose. Arrived in two days.
It's two spools joined together by a rod that the screws then go into. You'll need your own L wrench(es) to do so. The rod only enters through one side, then must be screwed in. I tried to do both sides a little at a time to get them even. Luckily, I had another L wrench for the other side to tighten it all up.
Ogio Tailbag
COST: $70

Purchased through Revzilla.com
My backpack was giving up on me, so I finally bit the bullet and got this bag. Works for both my bikes, which is why I bought it.
INSTALLATION: 10 minutes
Just took a bit of time to cinch the straps up, since I connected the loops on each strap to a carabiner under the seat. Once sized, just lock the seat into place and ta da! Just be sure you place the straps in places that don't lock up the seat. I did that the first time and it took a bit of finagling to get it to open back up.
Also pictured: Yoshimura Fender Eliminator
COST: $130
Seems like they're available if you contact Yoshi about it?
My bike was used for their R&D to make the parts. You're welcome  ;)
Not pictured: Yoshimura Exhaust
You can see it in my Avatar photo. It comes as a full system. This is the Aluminum with Carbon tip version. If it's to follow the FZ09, it would hopefully come in an all carbon pipe.
Still in production? Have no details on where they'll be out. 
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