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Hard starting, alternator?

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So, I just got this bike for about 2 weeks.
It's been giving me hard starts just after I installed the new sprocket.
I only remember putting a large socket wrench on the front sprocket, and the motor rotated a bit, as well as the starter. I was kind of surprised the starter would rotate when I rotated the sprocket.
I hope I didn't destroy the starter on it.
THe bike barely could start, even after a 30 minute cooldown, after 15 minute ride through town.
It could either be the battery (is 2 years old), or I hope I didn't damage the starter  :-/
If so, how do I check, and how much would a new alternator cost?
And where to buy them?
Are there any aftermarket ones?

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How about more specifics about the bike's history and what it actually does when you try to start it, please. The more info you can provide the better the odds someone here will be able to help.

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I doubt you did any damage to the starter, when I broke my sprocket loose I stood on the right stepping on the rear brake.
Try charging the battery. You have a Battery Tender, right? They are mandatory.

Got new red 2015 FZ-07 on 7/22/16!
Black 2006 Honda ST1300 53K miles.

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