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Cell Buckle review

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Been looking for a device to hold my cellphone or GPS unit on the bars while riding. The Ram mounts are nice and expensive, I'm a cheap bastard and need the best bang for the buck. A friend had a Cell Buckle on the last bike we had in common (Honda Fury). The Cell Buckle can be found on www.amazon.com for around $15. Compared to this bike it had a lot more open bar space. I had a difficult time finding a space for this on my bike, definately does not fit on right side, doesnt really fit near the speedo, so the left side tucked near the clutch seems to be the spot, even though its not ideal. 
The buckle is held in place by the main unit and by two rubber bands. It seems to provide enough friction to hold it in place at speed.
I first used the buckle to hold my iPhone 5, which it does fine horizontal but not tall enough to hold it vertically. While I had the phone in the buckle I used standard headphones to play music as I dont have a blue tooth pair that fit under my helmet. Did not work well, the cord whipped around and did not provided a pleasant experience. However the buckle did its job and the phone was held securely. It does rub against the mirror post and forces it to have a more vertical position instead of a slight slant for better viewing. 
Next I tried to place my GPS in the buckle. I have two different gps systems; TomTom XL and a Garmin Nuvi. Both systems were two large for the buckle. Below is a picture of the Garmin in the buckle and the TomTom shows the same bend in the back bar. I would not feel comfortable with this at speeds to stay in place. 
With this bike and the bar space or lack there of I would not recommend this to a forum member. With the size of cell phones increasing I do not see this working with them for much longer unless the buckles chassis gets longer. I will be looking for another use of the buckle as to not waste the money.

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