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Tire Changer?

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Oh, forgot to mention. If you don't want to pony up for a stand at the moment, you can balance the tires on the bike. Just hang the calipers/chain out of the way and let the wheel rotate on it's own axle. The stand makes life easy, but is in no way needed. 

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11 hours ago, shinyribs said:

Here's what I use for a bead breaker. Don't laugh! $4 worth of lumber and I've knocked truck tires off beads with it. Also, the wood won't gouge your rims if things go sideways. Just pivots off a stud in the wall with a long 8mm bolt. Stuff it in the corner when not in use.  You can actually see a bit of blue on the tip where the paint on the 07 wheels is super fragile. 




I made this stand a few years ago for balancing. The bearing were $8 for a 10pk on eBay. Not a critical application, so not worried about the possible low quality of the bearing.  Other wise it's just whatever scrap metal I had on hand.  The leveling feet are handy to keep to keep it from rocking. The shaft is just a piece of 1/2" round stock ( not precision ground) and I've seen no need for cones. No balance issue up to 130 or so. 








I use Motion Pro levers and rim shields. I like MP's aluminum spoons. More than strong enough to mount bikes tires. With the right technique, once the tire is started, you can work a tire off with one spoon and not come anywhere near the rim lip to worry about scratches. I think the spoons were under $20 and you can use milk jugs in place of the rim shields. But rim shields are only about $15. So less than $40 all in. 


Big fan of the S21's myself!















I like your ingenuity. 

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