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Home Made DRL Plus Turn Signals *Updated Pics

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Ive been planning this project in my mind for a while now; slowly gathered parts, and built the main pieces a few days ago.  After all that, I Just installed them today and wanted to share with you guys.
I took some plain old 2 wire LEDs, added diodes, clips from cannibalized motodynamics splice kit, heat shrink tube, wire loom, and a bunch of other crap and made this:
Its a plug and play wiring harness that T's off the OEM 3 wire turn signals at the headlight to power a set of DRLs which flash brighter when the turn signal is activated.
The beginning.  Dont solder inside without any ventilation or itl start to give u head ache pretty quickly.  Ask me how i know.  Also dont make a harness out of all black wire... I dont know why anyone would do that, but people do.  I only had yellow, so i layed it flat and drew a line down both sides so i knew which was a signal wire.
Here is the harness completed.
Mounting hardware on.  Lowes has a "crafts" drawer with these little erector set pieces that were perfect.  Just attached with JB weld.  Resistor packs are velcroed into place.
Installed Pics
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This is super cool man. I have something similar in the works for my bike too, to complement my round headlight conversion. Without the stock headlight housing I don't have any way to mount turn signals so I planned to make the vents turn signals just like this. http://i.imgur.com/lgpjlMv.jpg

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Nice work, and plus 1 for J B weld.

'16 Yamaha FZ-07, '15 Yamaha FZ-09

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