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Advanced Andreani Kit Tuning

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To start off, I'd like to admit that this kit is amazing. I've ridden other 07's with stock suspension and there is simply no comparison. This kit kicks some major butt.
The problem that I have at the moment is that when I purchased my 07, it came with this kit already installed and was set up for a 190lb rider. I weigh 150lbs and would like the suspension to be a little less stiff/set up specifically for my weight. I'm confused as to how to go about doing that. Maybe I've been reading the wrong things but I've read that I need new springs, I've read that all I need is a simple adjustment, and I've read that I need to get to the gym to try and add 40lbs of muscle, and that's not happening.
Could someone please clarify for me what exactly I need or need to have done to my suspension to set it up for my weight? The kit installed not only has fork cartridges but it includes an Ohlins 46 shock in the rear.
Any clarification is greatly appreciated!

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Guest Ralph
I have never heard of the kit you mention but the first thing I would
do is set the sag, have a look on u-tube there is bond to be something
on there, this will give you a good starting point for setting the
springs, if no info cane with the kit try the makers web site or
email them as they may have starting point settings for your weight.
This sort of thing gives a idea of whats going on.
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There's a good handful of Andreani threads in this board. Sure I can hook you up with more correct springs but would need to verify exactly what rate you have. It's silk-screened on the side of the coils. The stiffness you feel is rather more likely to be a result of the deficiency in the Comp leg setup - also extensively documented here.
back the spring preload all the way out and measure sag. back out the Comp needle all the way. Back out the Reb needle at least 2 turns out. Check for rebound speed - it needs to be as fast as possible without becoming bouncy. If you still don't like the results, drain the Comp leg and fill with a thin 8-10cSt@40 oil in that leg. If still too firm in compression, you'll need changes to the internals (thread on that here too).
Or... eat lots and lots of donuts and sit around and watch TV - you'll pack on 20 lbs of fat without trying very hard at all. :)
Weight is weight, right?
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