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AVDB-MOTO levers

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As noted in another thread, I ordered a pair of AVDB-MOTO multi-adjustable levers from France via ebay. Cost was something less than $100 delivered. AVDB was quick to respond to my questions prior to purchase and readily admitted the levers were made in China. However, they have the AVDB logo--probably laser-etched--onto the levers prior to finishing, so I can believe the vendor takes some interest and pride in what they are selling.
When the levers arrived they looked quite nice and the box included a pair of complimentary head-light, LED bulbs. I got all black lever, but they can be ordered in a variety of color combos, much like many of the other levers and such parts. All seemed to be fine until I tried to install the clutch lever, which I attempted first, and found the mounting-bolt hole at 8mm to be too small for the 10mm Yamaha steel bushing and too big to use with the 6mm bolt without a different bushing. Since McMasters-Carr sells more than a dozen different bushings of the correct diameters and materials I didn't think this would be a deal-breaker. However, after fabbing a temp aluminum bushing to otherwise test the fit, I immediately discovered the thickness where the new lever fit into the stock mount was too thin, but of course another bushing could fix that, too. However, I was getting increasingly frustrated with the situation.
Thus, when I tried to trial fit the lever to the mount with my temp bushings in place... it simply would NOT fit. It wouldn't go into the mount far enough to allow the mounting bolt to be reinstalled. That was it, I contacted AVDB via ebay's pm system with pictures of their lever and the stock one pointing out the fit discrepancies, along with all relevant measurements. I quickly got a reply saying they had obviously goofed and they were anxious to make it correct in whatever way I preferred. They said they knew what had happened and why I was sent the wrong parts (simple shipping error; correct parts were on hand).  They said they could immediately forward the correct ones or refund my payment... my call. Oh, yes, and they would be happy to quickly refund my shipping for return of the incorrect parts (which they did to the tune of $23).
Initially, I thought I'd simply pass on their replacements because it is something of a pain to package and ship the old ones overseas; so, I didn't want to risk doing so more than once. Yet, the seller assured me the new ones, if I wanted them, WOULD be correct. (I did note that upon getting my notice of the wrong part shipment AVDB immediately withdrew their fitment chart at the item auction page that guided my purchase.) After a short while, given my satisfaction of all my correspondence with the seller, along with another reassurance the new levers would absolutely/positively/certainly be correct I authorized a new shipment. The replacement levers arrived this morning and I installed them this afternoon without incident. They look very nice, comparable to the ones I'd returned. Build quality appears excellent.  And, a detailed inspection turned up no issues at all.  Also, having ridden with them, I can say they work correctly, as well... but, do read on, please.
Just a couple notes about fit and installation since this has been an issue with some Chinese aftermarket levers, as touted on the Internet at a number of cycle forums. Of course, I was aware of this when I ordered these levers... and, concerned a bit even though many have reported no such issues.  Hence, I made a gauge to precisely compare the travel of the clutch cable between the new and the original OEM lever operations to see how much I could adjust the new lever handle toward the grip while maintaining full clutch release. And, I similarly checked the placement of the brake M/C plunger as positioned while released with the original lever to assure myself the AVBD afforded the same measurement. Both new levers proved to be just fine. However, if I opt to take out just a little of the factory free-play from the clutch-cable I will be able to adjust the new clutch lever back another indent toward the grip and still have full disengagement, or at least the same amount as the bike came with.
With these black levers I think I've about completed my mods on the 07, which is good because I've several other such dinko projects in the cue for other vehicles. I hope none of them become as time consuming as these levers proved to be. But, in all due fairness to AVBD, apart from the original miscue, they were helpful and swift in their actions all along the way... and, this time tossed in a pair of black, aluminum valve caps, too!
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Wow, complicated for the levers! But glad they have a nice after-sales service, good to know just in case!

Safe riding!

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