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FZ 07 Motovlogger program update.

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Motovlogger program update.
I do a fair amount of advertising in my day job. It's time we start an fz07 moto vlogger network that helps ea other get more views, subscribers and if you sign up for adsense, more revenue.
I built a network for an industry in my dayjob and they are all rocking. Time to get our piece of the video pie, right?
If you are 18 and over, can commit to sharing vids and putting links in your youtube settings that wll auto populate in the description of your uploads, and a few other occaisional tasks to feed each other, send me a pm.
I am creating a new section for this, have alot more details coming soon and we are the largest fz07 forum in da world and we have a few others too.
We can build a power network that can eventually dominate and help each other learn the many shortcuts to rendering, editing and posting video content. I also know companies who pay for prodict placements or mentions in videos. I know alot of advertising agencies.
Hint at some of what is up my sleeve? I own a few VR related domains and am working on something cool.
Send me a PM if you are serious about building both your and your network partners Youtube and ?? social media content. All feeding ea other!
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