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My FZ07 is coming out of hibernation!?

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I got my FZ07 2 years ago nearing the end of fall and the start of winter.  I rode in 32 degree weather with ice on the ground to my motorcycle road test.  I am well accustomed to how it handles in cold weather.  Rode quite a few times in light flurries.
My other bike (z1000) has softer rubber tires, I was about to make a topic on here asking how soft tires handle in cold weather, but I realized it depends on each tire so I did a search on it specifically and apparently it was reported to have scary handling in cold weather so I must actually winterize it next month and start using the FZ07 full time again!
Yeah, kind of strange it worked out that way.  My FZ07 is my cold weather motorcycle and the Kawasaki is the summer bike.  Or at least until I change the tires.
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I ran the SHinko 003 tire in freezing weather no problem. I don't rightly recall what the ambient change => PSI was off hand (10F to 1PSI?) but on my SV650 I'd run 28-30/30 during the cold temps. Race-style tires tend to do poorly in cold temps.


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