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Nelson Rigg saddle bags with fender eliminator

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The Nelson Rigg CL-1060-S tail bag that I've been using all summer has been great, but it is a bit lacking on extra storage for rain gear and other items that I would prefer to have on my daily commute. I have the Yoshimura fender eliminator and wasn't sure how saddlebags would work without the stock fender. I wanted something that would go on and back off quickly and also be compatible with future bikes I might own.
I decided on the CL-890 Mini Expandable Sport Saddlebags. Along with the TPKSB-MT-35 Tail-pack to Saddlebag Connecting Kit that Nelson Rigg sells, I can switch to any combination of the bags in just a few minutes.
I was able to get both straps under the rear seat. With the bags this far forward, the passenger pegs are not usable. I can move the straps back if I have a passenger but I rarely do.
The bags rest against the stock turn signals and don't come close to hitting the tire. I pulled the turn signals off to see how much further the bags swing in and it was only another inch. I might have to come up with some sort of support if I eventually get LEDs back there.
The setup matches the bike pretty well and doesn't look out of place. I don't notice them at all when riding.
Side view showing passenger pegs.
TPKSB-MT-35 Tail-pack to Saddlebag Connecting Kit straps. Extra strap zip-tied out of the way.

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