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The Truth

Where can i buy the Carbon Fiber Akrapovic Exhaust? Dobeck!!

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The Truth
Note, our very own Dobeck Performance is a full Akrapovic dealer and they also are bringing on other brands and selling a total Stage one kit that includes exhaust and fuel controller for the FZ-07. Please visit the Dobeck Performance boards in this forum!
Does anybody have any places to buy the CF Akra Exhaust system? Revzilla is out.
Definitely my favorite looking/sounding option.

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This is a response I got from Dobeck, should clarify things. They have a very helpful staff.
We will be putting in the order for the carbon Akras by the end of this week.
The first shipment of Carbon models to the USA will be sent in about 2-3 weeks. I do not know when the next shipment will be coming in.
I highly suggest getting your order in on this first shipment as we have no ETA for the next order of Carbon exhausts coming to the USA.
From the sounds of it, the titanium model is going to be more available than the carbon model.
Let me know if you have any questions.
Dillon Binstock | Dobeck Performance
Sales | Marketing
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