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O2 /snorkel/drilled exhaust on stock ecu

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So. I drilled my exhaust , removed the snorkel and disconnected the O2 sensor.
I noticed no surging , slightly smoother cruising , slightly more power and am wondering have i found some nebulous happy medium between increasing airflow and ecu tricking to richen the mix.
Question : am I going to screw up my engine? Is it possible I have actually increased performance without damaging my engine? I am noticing that the bike is running up to 6 degrees F less than usual. (I.e. Normally I'm 180degrees to 181 , now it's 174-178 ish.. What's with that?
Any thoughts ? Ideas ? Insight would be appreciated

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The more 'power' it mostly due to the new sound. of snorkal and exhaust. even the best butt dyno would not be able to register the change in power form that.

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Guest Ralph
Unplugging the 02 forces the ECU into running a set safe mixture this is richer than
the lean emissions mixture I don't know for sure but doubt if it will do any harm in fact
it's more likely to be better for the engine, they do seem to run better without it as
you would expect seeing as they run so weak with it connected, if you decide to leave
it disconnected then it may be worth getting a plug and removing the 02 as it may get
gummed up in the richer mix, tried mine a few times and it does run better in the end
got the dealer to turn up the fueling a little so reconnected it but may give it another

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Don't know if I agree. The only time I've seen the tuners (those with dyno's and test runs to support their positions) say disconnect the O2 sensor is the EJK crew. Everyone else says keep it in place.
I agree with the "likely not be able to register the HP difference" and it's likely sound related that you're sensing/feeling.
This bike has an odd ECO mode which is hyper sensitive and uses the O2 sensor in it's feedback loop, so I can't see how disabling could help the situation. Might make it richer as a safety default, but when ECO mode kicks in (every other second on my bike), it's starts doing some active tuning of the AFR and without the O2 sensor feedback, I'm not sure what it's going to do.
Question: did you unplug it from the harness and remove it from the pipe or just remove it from the pipe but keep it plugged in? The later wouold be a mistake.
Hord, 2WDW, and the EJK guys are good places to direct questions regarding the O2 sensor.
Good luck.

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