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Throttle tube sync questions

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Few questions I have that I have not seen answers for
1. The left side black hose with the red line on it... Does this get pulled UP to uncover a brass tube for the sync, or is the brass tube located on the top, and therefore it would be pulled DOWN?
2. What size Tee is used for the left side of the sync... 1/8", 1/4"... other? Different sizes on the barbs?
3. What size hose (inner diameter) for the left side... 1/8", 1/4"... Other?
4. What size hose (inner diameter) for the RIGHT side... 1/8", 1/4"... Other?

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Both throttle bodies have nipples that face up. The left side one has another loose piece of tubing that slides up out of the way easily.
Both nipples are the same size. After you pull that cover on the left one up, you'll see this.
As for size someone else is gonna have to give a more definitive dimension - it'll be in metrics of course. I'd guess 4 or maybe 5 mm. !/4" is 6.3mm - those pipes are not that big, and my mind's eye says that half that is too small.
Just lift the hose on the left or the bung on the right side to see the pipes

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