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Does anyone have a Roadlok Motorcycle Lock installed on their FZ-07? If so where did you get it from?

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No experience with this device.
I researched rather heavily every possible anti-theft device I could find as well as counter measures taken by thieves, chain and lock claims debunked etc etc and finally settled on a Scorpio sr-i900 with a tilt sensor and a lcd alert keyfob, as well as the optional and highly recommended adjustable proxy sensor. The proxy chirps that speed up if you dont 'get lost' are enough to make me back off.
I realized quickly that other locks, chains etc simply had far too many weak points and was shocked how all were very easily countered in seconds by thieves.  IMO the Scorpio covers more bases much more securely with no junk to lug around or stow. I figured after blowing money on, and constantly fussing around with multiple expensive anti-theft "trinkets" I could just buy the Scorpio instead. The best thing is you just get on and go, there's absolutely no screwing around or forgetting to unlock something.  I have enough crap to mess around with as it is before I can get rolling.
Gotta say Im very very pleased with it. (I just keep the bike plugged into a Battery Tender as I dont ride it every day)
Of course every little thing helps as a deterrent and even with my alarm if they really want it that bad they'll find a way to take it. Regardless, I sleep well/better. ;)
Just my two cents.
Let us know what you decide on.
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