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Yamalube Advantage Warranty

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Not sure if this was previously posted here or not, but search didn't turn it up.  Might be of interest in the endless 'which oil' threads.
In a nutshell you register your new bike (within first 700 miles) into their program, use Yamalube and Yamaha filters, save your receipts, and they warranty the engine for 20 years or 100k miles.
(I have not done this myself, but just getting it out there for the sake of others)

Yamalube, the iconic lubricant brand of Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A., today announced the “Yamalube Advantage™,” a new 20-year or 100,000-mile, whichever comes first, limited engine lubrication warranty aimed at giving new Yamaha street and cruiser motorcycle owners peace of mind when it comes to their service needs.
... (snip)...
As part of the Yamalube Advantage, new owners are directed to go to www.yamalubeadvantage.com to register their newly purchased Yamaha motorcycles within the first 500-700 miles of ownership. Throughout the ownership of the motorcycle, and according to Yamalube Advantage terms and conditions, eligibility will be maintained with the exclusive use of one of five qualifying Yamalube oils ranging from Full Synthetic to All-Purpose, as well as the specific Yamaha Genuine Oil Filter.
(source of quote)
I'm sure there are plenty of restrictions, and that the types of failures that it would cover will be specifically limited to reduce their risk.  But if you were already planning to use their oil and filters then you might as well get the warranty too.
Website for the program, has all of the terms & conditions.

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Sounds like a good way to sell their oil... I've never seen a documented case of engine damage due to oil (staying within the recommended weights of the manufacturer). Either its from a lack of changing it (turns to sludge) or plain lack of it.

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These engines should easily go 100,000 miles. 5,000 miles a year for 20 years. Oil Change every fall for you northern riders.
Might be a good incentive to get someone in the habit. A lot of riders only go by miles and not miles or time passed. Old should never be in a bike longer than a year regardless of miles.

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