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Adding a few moderators, fz related forum and here,

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Being a mod has its perks. Free premium membership and even though there is hardly ever any pissing matches, I back my mods more times than not so there's always that.
We hardly ever have to ban anyone, but when we do it's swift and by the terms of the website. Again, it hardly happens as some of the coolest people you could meet ride FZ's of some type.
No set hours, because their is no pay. Mods do get first chance at upcoming paying projects.
It also looks good on a powersports resume and I can't tell you how many Social Media manager positions head hunters call me with.
Moderators are chosen by alot of reasons, amount time spent on the forum helps, but certain "digital personality" is more that Im looking for.
Helping new members with questions, deleting spam or over the top posts, and sometimes yes, vote on banning someone with the other mods or out right banning an extreme offender. But this hardy ever is needed.
Send me a message if interested in joining a kick ass team. Again, mods will get first consideration for Paying positions coming up.

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