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my date with the Africa Twin

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well, flew up to Denver to hang w/ a buddy...we rented bikes...he got me a brand new Africa Twin and he
got a BMW RT.  we did roughly 268 miles up and down the mountains on an amazing loop.  up to 12,000
feet a time or two...and oh yeah, a couple sweet hail storms at altitude.  when it wasn't hailing, we
got nice and rained on.  and even a few miles here/there in total sun!
we never went off-road so this review is strictly road riding...mountain style.  
the bike is a big fat pig compared to my '16 FZ-07.  it took me a while to get used to it...but i did.
the pros:  really good stock seat.  nearly 11 hours off/on the bike and felt no issue until the end
of the day and no pain at all the next day.
seemed really stable once i cranked down the pre-load.  it was a pogo stick until i loaded it down more.
wind screen was pretty good but i wish i could have adjusted it.  at high speeds i got helmet buffetting
that don't get on my FZ-07.
the bad:  kinda heavy and tall...but i'm sure that's typical to this type of bike.  just my first time riding one.
the instrument display is crap.  i like my FZ better.   the stupid default throttle control software is stupid...but
can be bypassed...but has to be re-bypassed every time you re-start the bike from power-off.  as stated,
not crazy about the wind screen height.  oh, the throttle was much harder to twist than my FZ.  and it had
long levers and the clutch one was non-adjustable...like the stock FZ...but i've replaced those w/ shorties...
so i guess you can't really call that a flaw w/ the bike.  there was MUCH LESS engine breaking than my FZ...
so much so that i really was missing it.  i would have appreciated the bigger break on the switch backs.
oh well...fun bike, but i'd never buy one.
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