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FZ-07 Forums Rules for posters, members and trolls.

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Rules. We all hate em, but without them people get hurt. Same thing goes online, without rules people's feelings get hurt and that isn't gonna be tolerated here.
NO HOTLINKING PICS!!! Hotlinking involves finding a pic on another website that you want to share here, and then simply copying the link to the pic on the other website and posting/embedding it here for all to see. This seems innocent enough but actually puts me and this forum at great risk. Only post stuff that you own, or have permission to take, and share thru YOUR hosted pic account.
Post pics here by uploading pics to your own hosted pic site first, and then posting that direct link here in a post. Hotlinkng pics will get you banned right away.
Rest of the rules below.
1. Keep cussing to a bare minimum.
2. No Racisim. Period. Instant Lifetime Ban.
3. No sexually graphic Pics. No nudity. Bikini pics are ok, though and slightly encouraged.
4. No politics. I dont care who you voted for, who you want impeached. We already know that they are all crooks, so just talk about bikes. Ok?
5. No Religion. Period. It's ok to say God bless you, thank God, stuff like that. But no talk about one's religion. God is cool, Religion isn't.
6. No Sexual Discrimination. Instant ban. We are all riders, who cares about anything else? If ya like two wheels, you are ok in here!
7. No harrassing Posts. Do not harrass people, do not stalk people, do not send mean or harassing messages.
9. No posting about or recruiting people to other Bike sites. We pay for this site out of our personal wallets. Please, keep other sites separate from this Forum.
10. Don't put advertisements or other site's URL's in your Signature without express written permission from FZ07.org staff.
11. Don't be a jerk. Be nice, be helpful, try to contribute to this forum in a positive manner and everything else will work itself out fine.
12. If you are not sure if you should post it, Don't! Send me or the mods a message and ask first if you aren't sure if something should be posted.
13. No bloody/Gore pics. This includes Motorcycle accidents with blood in the pic. Kids might be in here guys, so keep it Work Friendly.
14. If you sell a personal item or bike in our classifieds section, you better send that item ASAP! We all post on various sites, and your name will spread like wildfire.
15. You must sign up as a supporting vendor to sell anything besides single personal items. Do not offer to build or sell a n item or service without expressed written permission from FZ-07 Staff !!
Failure to abide by these simple rules will resulting a warning or outright instant ban and IP address block with or without warning.
Use common sense people!
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