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Re-Flashed FZ-07 ECU Test Procedure ...

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Hi Folks,
I've had issues with mapping from one of the re-flash vendors. Basically 2 re-flashes that made my motor PING!!! The last map I was given was the base unrestricted map directly from ftecu. No fueling changes at all in this map, but some aggressive ignition & map-sensor-bias table changes.
Apparently most of these FZ-07 re-flash & dyno-tuning vendors use ftecu software & this unrestricted base map to build their custom dyno tunes on top of for different exhausts.
I believe there is too much spark advance added to the ignition maps down low in the unrestricted map. Especially in 6th gear. I also do not believe this mapping was properly tested after these changes. No mention of need to use premium fuel in the ftecu unrestricted map.  My FZ-07 has the Akra-Ti exhaust, the airbox snorkle removed, and 87-octane regular fuel. This configuration does NOT ping with oem Yamaha mapping. It DOES PING with the ftecu unrestricted base map.
Here is my test procedure that clearly shows this mapping is not compatible my FZ-07 as noted above. And that the oem Yamaha mapping currently in my 07 does NOT ping during this testing.
1. Find an empty road where you have plenty of room to practice low-rpm 6th-gear roll-ons (closed to WFO in about 1 second).
2. Remove ear plugs and/or ear buds so you can actually hear the motor.
3. Get up to ~3500rpm in 6th gear & close the throttle to slow.
4. Roll on the throttle to WFO (in about a second), at each of these test RPMs; 2000, 2500, & 3000.
5. Hold those rpms for several seconds at WFO. Might require an uphill, or drag the rear brake to keep the rpms from climbing for the few seconds. Doing this in 6th gear is the only way to put this max load on the motor at those rpms.
5. Listen carefully for short-term pinging that only occurs when the throttle opens & goes away within 1-2 seconds.
6. If you notice continuous pinging, close the throttle far enough to stop the pinging.
If you experienced any pinging sounds in your reflashed FZ-07, I highly recommend you upgrade to premium fuel & give proper feedback to your re-flashed-ecu vendor!
I wish you better luck than I've been having!
Catfish ...
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Short story use premium gas with flashed ecu.
Problems solved we live to ride another day.
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