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PTT Season Opener Weekend, Sonoma Raceway, Feb.27, 2016

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Pacific Track Time had their 2-day Season Opener at Sonoma Raceway Feb.27-28, 2016. Ms.Fzzz and I went dancing last Saturday. :-)
First track day in 12 years, so I picked Group C.
GoPro ready for session 6!
Afterwards ...
Highlights of Group C, session 6 ...
[video src=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SctpWM5F_V4]
Easy 1st lap to warm the tires, then we had FUN!
It made me giggle every time I passed a leather-bound 1000cc sportbike with tire-warmed race slicks with my little girl's bike & her sport-touring tires!
Sneak preview of Ms.Fzzz dancing with 61 yo "Aerostich Santa"! Yes, I was the only person on the track NOT in leathers.
We showed those kids how to go dancing though! :-)
Catfish ...
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Sears point raceway...!!, I like that race track, I had a few old memories at the track.
Are you planning another track day at Sears Point Raceway?
I would like to register for that day.
I am glad you had fun over there.

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Looks like you had fun. PTT is a great organization. Watching your video makes me want to try this bike on the track. It's been too long since my last track day.

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Doesn't matter what you wear, but how you wear it!
Nice work on that rear tire. Generating some heat sidewall to sidewall!

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