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New Italian Addition

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When I was looking at new bikes, I tried:
[ul type=disc][*]FZ-07[*]FJ-09 (FZ-09 wasn't ready for demo)
[*]Triumph Street Triple R
[*]Ducati Monster 821
[*]Ducati Streetfighter 848[/ul]
TBH I think the streetfighter looks the best - but riding it was a chore. Even though it's a naked bike it still felt more aggressive than my CBR 600. The levers were hard to depress. The throttle was sticky and required an unusual amount of hand-torque to rotate. I also hated the turn signal and the kill/start switches. Plus it was an extra like $6k compared to the 07 lol. I was disappointed with its gas mileage - it looks like it routinely got <38 with normal riding. Plus I have heard way too many horror stories of Ducati maintenance problems.
But on top of all this, I will say that thing was ****ing FAST! Even the 848, the supposed "lesser" of the two streetfighters, was crazy. And since you were leaned forward a decent amount, it literally felt like you were laying on the front tire, which was a cool feeling. I would have this bike for weekends/track/twisties, but I just couldn't do it as a commuter. Looks great. Let me know when it breaks down on you! P-)
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I have a Duc also. Loving it.

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