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What will she do?

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I've been 145 on a z1000. That's 6th gear and 8k RPM. The bike has more but the wind force even at full tuck is unreal. Without areo I wouldn't do any faster. Haven't really stretched out the fz its just not that kind of bike. The 4 cylinder bikes are just much better suited for that. But its a monster under 70 which is why I bought it. If I want to go for top end speed I borrow my girlfriends z1000 :-)

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This will be the last thing I say on the matter then the issue is dropped and we are good. Lenny, your 16 man, your talking like you know this and that but you have people here who have been riding for 20-30 years and have much more experience on a motorcycle than you have in your little finger, hell there are people here a lot more experienced than me and I have been riding for 9 years, I listen to what their input is as it could save me a lot of time or money and maybe prevent something from happening. 
It isn't really about if a naked bike is fast, blah blah blah, it irritates me that you talk to other members like that when all you have to go on is Google searches and magazine articles. I don't think you really understand how quick a 700cc bike is, and I really don't want a fellow rider injuring themselves because they think because it's not a 600rr or a GSXR that it's not fast. Pavement doesn't discriminate and we all go down sometime, I just hope you sit back and listen to what people more experienced have to say so when you do go down, it's not bad. Not having experience isn't a bad thing though, we all start somewhere, just be chill man.
"... ain't it the Truth!" 

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