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Why do all the naked 300s look the same (G310r)?

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First of all, if you didn't see it, its 2 days old- BMW G310R street version of the "stunt bike" from last month:
If any of them were custom colored and debadged, and zoomed past me, I'd have no clue which of the 3 they are (well, I'll give you the inverted gold fork of the BMW is a dead give away).
The biggest similarity being the headlight.  This can't be a coincidence.  Is it some understood agreement to have them all just look the same?  Did Yamaha decide to follow cues from Honda, and then BMW?  What gives?  The headlight are similar shapes, and they all happen to all 3 have small wind cowls.  The overall side view of all 3 bikes, the lines are just too damn similar.  And they all conveniently have belly pans!  I mean, FZ07 and FZ09 both have no belly pans as standard, but hey look, the CB300F has a belly pan, we must follow suit with the MT03?  Really?  This has to be some type of design phenomena, right?
Now granted the Yamaha and BMW both look badass and new compared to the Honda, but that's just age.
Personally I think the red MT03 is the best of the bunch design wise.  I might mistake the blue G310R for a blue Suzuki gsr750- WAITASECOND!  The GSR750 looks just like these 300s as well!  I swear its the headlights.  They need to stop with that headlight shape.
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but it's fashionable! I also despise this headlight shape trend. But not enough not to buy the bikes. I guess whoever makes that component ordered a million of them and has incentivised all the design groups to use them lest they eat a multi-million loss. 'cause "edgy" is what a bunch of birkenstock wearing fruits think is 'radical, man'. And 'new'. The fad will be gone in a few more years I hope and we'll be back to sensible round just like we had from the 80's or the almost round of the recent Duc Monsters.


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