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Klim Apex Jacket Review

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I bought a Klim Apex Hi-VIS jacket. I’m moving soon from California to Bellingham, Washington, and I knew I would need a waterproof jacket. I have an Aerostitch suit and an Olympia Airglide, but I wanted something that is waterproof that I don’t have to take off and stow overtime I get off the motorcycle. After just a few rides, I love the Apex jacket.
The Apex is cut and styled for upright and 3/4 riding, without the length of expedition jackets. I’m 5’ 8”, 170 pounds, with a 41-42 chest, and a large size fits me well with some room for a down jacket. The video review on Revzilla displayed a rider that was 6 feet, 215 pounds, with a 45-46 chest that could still fit a large but with less room, and would need a XL to fit more insulation.
The Olympia Airglide 4 Mesh jacket doesn’t fit me well and bunches up at the waist, even though it’s cut short. I use this jacket without the waterproof liner and insulated shell during the hot weather in Central California.
I also have a Aerostitch Roadcrafter Light that I really like. The Aerostitch is storm-proof and still vents well in warm weather, but it feels awkward to walk into a store with it on, like Buz Lightyear must feel. It rolls up in a nice bundle, but doesn’t fit in my top case, and I don’t want to leave it on the bike, even locked up.
The Apex looks great, and lets me get off the bike and get off the bike without wasting any time. There’s no insulation, but I can use my electric bib or vest underneath. I also found that I have a large shell parka that fits very well over the Apex if I need more protection against the cold.
Three are shoulder, forearm, and large side vents that should work very well in hot weather, but it’s just turned brisk here, so I haven’t tried the Apex in hot weather. But I have used the Aerostitch in 100 degree plus weather, and the Apex looks like it would do just as well or better.
There are no problems with the two-snap collar, wide, velcroed cuffs, and there are plenty of pockets. There are interior mesh pockets, a napoleon front pocket under the zipper flap, two hand pockets, and two chest pockets. The armor is thick and beefy, and the back armor is the best one I’ve used.
My Aerostitch is all black, the Olympia jacket is Hi-VIS, and I got the Apex in the Hi-VIS yellow. I like the visibility without looking like a total canary.
The Klim Apex is well worth it.
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