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Motorcycle Airbags?

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I know a couple people who use airbag vests at the track. Some have said they feel like they helped, and some have told me they basically turned them into a ball, causing them to roll way more and actually added to their injuries. Not sure how I feel about them, personally. I don't know that I can justify the money.
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Not sure if this belongs here but I was intrigued by the idea.  May pick one up in Spring.
Hi, thanks for adding a link to the Helite site. We have had some calls and inquiries from quite a few members of the FZ07 forum (one gentleman that purchased today), so I thought I would register to answer any questions regarding airbag protection. Up until last year, I knew nothing about airbag protection. Now, after receiving calls from multiple riders who have gone down in their Helite vests, I will not ride without it. 
albatrosscafe, I haven't heard anyone mention yet that the airbag has made them roll/tumble. When the vest deploys it gets very tight and stays close to the body. I have seen about a dozen crashed vests come back so far, and most of them you can see where they slid on one area of the vest. None with abrasion or impact hits in multiple places. 
It's great to see the interest for airbag protection is growing. It is a safety technology that has huge benefits for any rider.

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