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Tour Master Venture Air 2.0 Pants

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I bought these to replace my ruined Tour Master Overpants and it looks like they'll get the job done rather well.
They have many of the same features as the regular Overpants along with several extras. They are also available in the same Short, Standard, and Tall sizes. If you go by the measurements provided by Tour Master, you should be able to find what will fit you best. Since I'm a freak of nature with gangly legs, I ordered the Medium Tall size. I normally wear a 30-32 in pants and have just under a 34" inseam. The waist fits me fine and the hem of the legs rest right at my ankle when in a riding position.
They are primarily made from the same 600 denier material as the Overpants and have heavy duty 1680 denier material at the knees and butt for added protection. There are removable soft hip pads and CE-rated knee armor plates that can be adjusted internally to suit your leg size. Strips of reflective material is sewn in down the side of the leg with a thick patch just above the knee for added visibility at night. There are two zippered pockets on either side with velcro flaps to help keep water out while riding. There are panels of stretchy material above the knees on the front and along back of the waistband (more on that later). The crotch also has a small patch of similar material. Velcro straps along the hips and ankles help keep the pants sealed tightly in place.
Since these are meant to go over street clothes, they will add a bit of bulk, but won't turn you into the Michelin Man. These are a marked improvement over the Overpants in that they have removable waterproof and thermal liners. There are two heavy-duty snaps at the fly, with a decent-length zipper that makes it easy to get in and out of them as well as take care of business. The liners are gusseted in the crotch as well to facilitate getting them on and off.
The waterproof liner stops about 4 inches above the hem of the pants leg, and the thermal liner ends another inch or so above that. This helps when putting the pants on or taking them off so your boots don't become endlessly snarled in the layers beneath. The pants also feature a zipper that runs all the way from the ankle up to the thigh area with velcro closures every few inches to keep everything sealed up tight. Both liners flare at the ankle to aid in getting them on over boots. the waterproof liner has a calf-length zipper while the thermal liner is simply gusseted.
Tour Master has you covered when it comes to disrobing and gives each liner a tether that keeps it in place when taking the pants off. A simple snap closure secures around a piece of sewn-in elastic that hooks the waterproof liner to the pants, and the thermal liner to the waterproof liner. These were designed to have either the waterproof liner by itself, or the waterproof and thermal liner together. While you can use only the thermal liner, I would not recommend using the tether, as it places a lot of stress at the attachment points and could tear the fabric of the thermal liner, or the mesh lining the pants themselves. You could make your own little loop of material to cover the extra slack needed, though.
In addition to all that, they give you a little baggie of extra hardware in case one of the snaps breaks, a nice touch for those OCD freaks who want everything to match.
First impression on a short ride is very positive. The liners do their job well and kept the wind out even as the temperatures dipped into the 40s. I'll have a better idea of how they work later this week when I'm able to ride into work again. So far I'm enjoying them and foresee getting a lot of use out of them as the temperature continues to fall.

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Derp, grabbed them from motorcycle superstore.
Tour Master gear is also at most Cyclegear locations, so it's a good opportunity to try them on to see how they'll fit.

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