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Akra Ti + 2WDW Flash

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I know there's a bunch of threads on this topic, but I have to throw my 2 cents in.plus there's not much on the Akra Ti without baffle with ECU flash, so....here's my thoughts:
First off many thanks to Nels and Pat at 2WheelDynoWorks for great customer service and incredibly fast turn around time. Sent my ECU off on Monday and received it Saturday, less then a week and I live in Hawaii. (Damn good)
I have just over 180miles on my bike (yes, new) and installed the Akrapovic Titanium without the baffle and a K&N filter. ( snorkel still in, slightly modified cut about 2" off the inner port) I'll try and run without the snorkel if it has any difference.?
First impressions:
HOLY SHHH.... Bike fired right up. Idle is super smooth with a slight aggressiveness to it. It sounds alive. Smiled with excitement. I've messed with and have PCV on my other bikes and don't won't to tinker anymore and love the ease of use and not always thinking how I can tune it better, anyways......
Went for quick test ride and the throttle response is Spot on. Rolling on/off
The throttle is night and day difference. No more jerky throttle. Engine is
Much more manageable and precise. lower rpms are nice and smoothed out, while getting on the throttle from 4500 to 8000rpms ( still breaking bike inn) this bad boy pulls nicely, I mean it pulled great stock, but really responsive and very pleased with the outcome. I did notice some minimal burbling on Decel, actually so small I kinda like it, but however occasionally I would get a big pop/backfire on Decel, I imagine Nels and those guys will work out the kinks over time and have a specific tune for us with this same setup and nice to see a Dyno run sheet on this. I would love to hear others thoughts and experiences with this setup, as I am more then pleased and can't stop thinking about riding.
Nels, Pat, others, you guys rock!!!! 2 thumbs up!
Thanks, :)
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Glad to hear it! Some burbling on decel should be normal.

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