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Review of the Dianese Laguna EVO Leather Jacket.

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Now that the contest is officially over, I can actually review it and let go of the joke ghost~!!
As you can see from the picture, I bought the white one to match my white FZ07.
This jacket in particular is on closeout, so this review will only matter for a few months.  The jacket is normally 500 but it is going for 400, good luck if you can find your size.
As far as the actual jacket itself is concerned:
Out of the box it is stiff.  This is no surprise, it is leather.  The very first ride I took, it was so stiff it sort of pushed me into an aggressive riding stance where I was leaned forward more than I normally am putting pressure on my wrists/hands.  It will soften up after about 1-2 hours of riding, and anything after that the jacket will be broken in fairly quick in my opinion.   The airflow is good.  As usual there is venting zippers on the sides.  I have noticed this jacket is seemingly colder than my Laguna Seca textile jacket, both with liners out (this jacket comes with a removable liner).  But with the liner in, it is noticeable hotter.  I've used the jacket during the late summer, early fall, hottest around 70 so keep that in mind.  It should be noted that the liner is slightly different from the textile counterpart as it has a elasticated tight cuff.
The jacket itself is tighter than its textile counterpart.  The sleeve opening its absurdly tight when buttoned and zipped closed.  And it is comically tight when you have the liner inserted.  It remains this way after 1 month of riding, I cannot say if it will break in and loosen up anymore.
Considering it is originally a 500 dollar leather jacket- actually I'm guessing this falls under the cheaper category of leather jackets and you can see this in its construction.  Some stitching holes are very large, almost questionable.  You will find many parts in the leather itself with very tiny scars or cuts in them.  Or perhaps peeling/chipping in the leather hide.  It is very small, you will notice this up close- like 3-4 inches away from the jacket.  So obviously these imperfections do not appear from normal viewing distances.  VIEWING DISTANCES HAHAHA.
Both zippered pockets are slightly annoying as they don't close easily.  You have to make sure the pocket straight, flat, and lined up properly to ensure a decent zip up.  This is not good when you are riding and need to open the pockets for any reason using just the one hand.  So I'd recommend not putting anything in these pockets that need access while riding.  I don't know if I can remedy this or if it will correct over time through break-in but I will make the assumption that this is true for each individual jacket and not mine alone as it has to do with the stiffness of the leather itself.
Not sure if people will like the modern look relative to the FZ07.  I particularly like it, but it is more suited towards sportsbike.  One thing to note, the "red" accents in the jacket specifically for the white one are more VERMILLION than anything.  In other words, they are almost day-glow orange in color.  You can actually make this out in my picture.  Yes, that is what the red looks like in real life as well.  So keep that in mind.  I believe the black one has a regular red color to it.
For 399 and free shipping, I particularly think this is a good deal.  The jacket itself is closeout on nearly all sites that sell it so if you act early you may be able to find the size/color you want.  This is the Revzilla link where I purchased mine from:
Ride safe everyone!


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