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Kriega US-20 And Other Loved Tools

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I mentioned the Kriega US-20 Drypack in the Making a case for motorcycle cases topic.  I opted for the bag instead of a case, because I thought a messenger bag would serve me better.  I asked about which bag to use in a thread called, Messenger Bag Questions...  In that topic, tino206, rowdy and  motomeek suggested going with the Kriega.  I balked at first, because of the price, but eventually coughed it up.
I'm so glad I did, and can't thank you guys enough for the recommendation!  I use it daily to pack my lunch, pick up tooling from local vendors at work, and run errands like the one in this video:
[video src=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X5woFINzQPc]
The bag can hold an enormous amount of stuff.  And what it can't hold, can be strapped under it.  It always carries my rain gear, as well as gloves, microfiber towels and gum, etc.  It's my damn man purse!  :D
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