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Review of the Aerostich PROTEKT Riding Jeans

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Earlier this year I was up in Duluth, MN and stopped by the Aerostich Factory. I already had a set of over-pants but wanted some riding jeans so I wouldn't need to wear two pairs of pants everywhere. Aerostich makes their PROTEKT riding jeans that fit the bill. The sales associate was friendly and glad to bring multiple sizes so I could find the best fit. I found that the 32x32 size was best.
These Riding jeans are made in the U.S.A. They have 5 pockets and 5 belt loops. For protection they feature double or triple stitched seams, 14 oz. Denim, and 500D Nylon in the knees and seat. The 500D nylon is abrasion resistant, waterproof, and breathable. This allows you to sit on a wet seat without getting your fanny flooded. Furthermore to prevent skin irritation 100% cotton fabric lines the areas with 500D nylon.
Front of the Jeans:
Inside Back:
The jeans also have externally accessible zippered pockets that allow for additional impact absorbing knee-pads which I also purchased at the time. The zippers match the jean color. The kneepads are large rectangular nylon covered pads with both energy absorbing foam, and a hard plastic abrasion resistant section. The pockets in the jeans are larger than the pads and allow for personal positioning of the pads. There is no velcro to keep the pads in position but I have had no problems with the pads moving around during riding and I am able to change their position easily by nudging them without unzipping the pockets. The knee-pads meet CE standards for Impact absorption, but not CE standards for size and shape. 
Knee-pad Size Comparison:
I was pleased by the build quality of the Jeans, far better than the other gear I have. I have ridden with the jeans anytime I don't need to have a certain outfit. Without the knee-pads they are as comfortable as any other set of jeans but with way more protection. With the knee-pads in the knee section can get a little tight but still provided me adequate comfort for a 5 hour ride. The abrasion areas may feel slightly hotter than the rest of the jean but because the nylon is breathable you don't get a clammy feeling with or without the knee-pads.
I recently crashed my motorcycle while wearing these jeans. It was a low side crash at about 25 mph. I only had a slight soreness on my thigh. Unlike most textile riding gear my jeans only featured minor damage and I think I can continue wearing them without a loss in protection:
Damage 1:
Damage 2:
-Made in USA
-Excellent crash protection
-Knee-Pads must be purchased separately
-It would be nice for the 500D nylon to extend to the end of the leg
Overall I highly recommend these riding jeans for anyone that wants pants for casual riding.
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