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First Time at Mulholland

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So... I went up from the west end of Mulholland, headed up and east, and got to the Rock Store, at which point I was thinking... why does everyone make such a big deal about this road? I liked it, for sure, but I liked Hwy 33 a lot more.
The Snake was interesting too, but no more or less so than many other canyon-type roads I've been on. Ok... maybe a little more interesting than the norm...
But THEN, I kept on past the Rock Store, still east, towards Las Virgenes... and I started really liking the road.
THEN I thought it might be even nicer going more uphill-ish from west to east, so when I got to Virgenes, I turned around and road back up to the Rock Store, at which point I decided I LOVED it.
So despite my plans of being brief today, I ended up spending the next hour or so just running back and forth that section of Mulholland. Will def be back!
Eventually I took N1 down the mountain to PCH, passing Pepperdine where they had this:
hundreds of US flags staked out in front of the school I assume for 9/11. pretty cool.
All in all I can see Mulholland being a pretty fun road the more you learn its curves. I could also see it being annoying as poop with traffic or cops, so I'm not sure I'll be making many weekend runs there.
Was empty today except for a Mazda Miata parade.
There was also a tracked-out Porsche (cage, Recaro seats, whole nine) and a 65-ish Mustang hanging out at the Rock Store. Those were perty too.

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Damn I wish I had my motorcycle license years ago when I was stationed in Southern California. You have so many great roads out there.

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